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Handsome and timeless styles that every man should have in his wardrobe.


A garment that is so simple in design that it goes with practically everything and is suitable for any occasion. Perfect for wearing with well tailored suits to work and events but also works just as hard with casual attire. Team with slim fit jeans/chinos and Converse for a relaxed feel or even with a bomber jacket and slim fit sweatpants and brogues for a ‘Sports Luxe’ approach.

How I wear it: A white shirt is like my uniform, I wear it with most things: Distressed slim jeans and converse or with cropped tailored trousers and loafers for a minimal tailored look.


Comfortable as it is versatile, The Sweatshirt will become your favourite new grab and go piece. Originally designed for athletes to train in (to absorb the sweat…) this style has broken out of the sportswear category and jumped onto the rails of practically every fashion house and high street brand. Choose a muted colour for easy layering; Grey Marl, Navy or Black.

How I wear it: I own two Sweatshirts – a grey mele and a cream style. I find the grey mele the most versatile to wear, layering on top of smart shirts and cropped trousers with a leather biker jacket from ALLSAINTS for a high/low balance. The cream looks great worn with navy chino’s and leather slip-on plimsolls from Mr Hare.


The check shirt is an extremely important part of your essential wardrobe. It adds colour and pattern! There is a maze of check shirts to choose from from micro to super-sized. Choose one that suits your build and skin tone. Stick to neutral colours to be able to easily wear with the rest of your wardrobe. Wear the shirt open with a denim jacket, plain t-shirt, chino’s and trainers for a more casual approach. Buttoned up to collar and with brogues is a simple way to hit the ‘smart/casual’ request of many events.

How I wear it: I find myself wearing check shirts mostly for casual events – brunches, drinks, shopping etc. I wear it buttoned up with slim fit chinos and slip-on plimsolls or with a wide brimmed wool hat, skinny jeans and brogues.


Like the Trucker Jacket, this iconic style created by Levi’s has stood the test of time. Choosing the right one can be difficult, it may seem excessive but I suggest purchasing two styles:

– Chambray: A lightweight cotton that is soft to the touch and generally a very pale blue/grey colour for occasions when you need to dress smartly.

– Aged: Choose a style that looks like you have owned it for years. Sandblasted and distressed styles give a more rugged and worn-in appearance to the garment.

How I wear it: I own at least 6 different denim shirts! Varying from Chambray to Ozone washed selvedge. The chambray looks great worn with tailored trousers, tucked in with a grey wool overcoat and patent monk straps for a dapper look. For everyday wear, the aged looking style works wonders on top of a Breton stripe t-shirt, black jeans and Chelsea boots.


Who said practical can’t be stylish? The Trench Coat was originally designed for soldiers to wear in the First World War to keep them protected from the harsh rain. Traditionally the coat is double breasted with a cinch belt. A perfect and practical addition to your arsenal of outerwear. Practical colours for wearing: Cream, Black or Navy.


Probably the most used option in your wardrobe. Great for layering with anything! Finding the “Perfect” basic t-shirt can be tricky – Neck too tight, neck too small, too cropped, too big in the arm, pocket or no pocket? I have found that Sunspel, Reiss and Levi’s make some great plain t-shirts. I personally find a round crew neck easiest to use when putting together a look.

How I wear it: I prefer to use the basic t-shirt as a layering piece under a denim shirt or leather jacket rather than wearing it on it’s own. Again, it’s about what you feel comfortable in. A great look is to wear a crisp white t-shirt, burgundy beanie, selvedge jeans and desert boots with your Trucker jacket.


It goes without saying how fond I am of the Breton Stripe. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that it is so accessible to men of all ages and sizes. It looks great worn as a t-shirt layered under a leather jacket or as a sweater on top of a white/chambray shirt.

How I wear it: On last count, I own 22 variations of a Breton Stripe top! My favourite look is to wear a Breton T-shirt under a leather biker, denim shirt, black skinny jeans and monk straps or Hi-top Converse.


The dressier brother to your jeans. What was once seen as only for “Preppy” types has infiltrated the work place. Usually chino’s come in a light, soft brushed cotton making them great for wearing on warmer days. You can buy heavier herringbone styles too. There is an array of colours to buy, I recommend purchasing in Sand, Navy and Olive Green.

How I wear it: I like to team with a short sleeve print shirt and trucker jacket during the summer for a relaxed effortless look. For dressier occasions I would wear the navy with a white shirt, tailored jacket and brogues.imageA well tailored suit makes the man. You can find some pretty great quality suits on the high street at Topman and Asos. Spend a little bit extra and get tailored to fit your shape perfectly.

When choosing a suit, think about what you are going to wear it for? Work? Parties? Both? The colour and pattern choices can be overwhelming and need to match other garments in your wardrobe. Choose something classic like a Prince of Wales Check, Micro Check or plain Wool-blend. Avoid suits with a shine to them!
The great thing about a suit is that the jacket and trousers can be worn as separates for a more casual approach to tailoring
How I wear it: I have a couple of suits from Reiss that I wear to dinners, parties etc that I team with a knitted silk tie, leather document holder and monk strap shoes. If I am wanting an easy smart/casual look, I would wear the jacket with a white shirt, distressed slim jeans and trainers. Alternatively, wear the suit trousers with a loafer and roll neck sweater for an effortlessly sophisticated look.


Both handsome and timeless, The Overcoat will see you through those chilly autumn evenings and even colder winter mornings. Time to indulge and choose a well tailored, above the knee length style to avoid the 1980’s business tycoon look!

Recommended colours: Camel, Navy, Black or Grey. Choose a classic pattern such as Herringbone, Prince of Wales check or Hounds Tooth.

Reiss, ALLSAINTS, Acne Studios and Jigsaw all offer some beautifully constructed Overcoats.

How I wear it: I have been a real fan of wearing my overcoat draped over my shoulders for a more relaxed approach these past couple of months. Now that winter is upon us I’ll be teaming with roll neck sweaters, tailored trousers/chinos and monk straps for a more sophisticated winter outfit.


A garment that stands out in America’s history for being synonymous with independence, style and freedom. First created by Levi’s in 1962. The name ‘Trucker Jacket’ is greatly speculated to be coined by Japanese fashionistas seeing this style as an ‘American icon’ worn by working truck drivers. Trends come and go, but this jacket has been a favourite of ours from being toddlers to pensioners.

How I wear it: This style looks great worn on its own over a simple brushed cotton t-shirt with chinos. Layered under a tailored overcoat or even buttoned up like a shirt. Lately, I am using the denim jacket as a layering piece under my leather jacket and overcoat.

imageSome men feel uncomfortable in a leather jacket thinking it’s for a ‘certain kind of person’ such as a ‘Rebellious teenager’ or ‘A man having a mid-life crisis’. I disagree – I think when looking for a leather jacket it’s about choosing one that suits your personality and lifestyle.

I am known for mixing tailored and casual pieces (Biker jacket worn on top of a suit with Converse and a beanie). If you have a pretty conservative wardrobe, I would recommend looking for a classic bomber jacket style in leather or suede in a neutral shade. Try to avoid coloured panelling, logos or embellishments for a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

How I wear it: I have a beautiful biker jacker from ALLSAINTS that has been with me for years. I wear it with pretty much anything and everything; T-shirts, Shirts, Jeans, Chinos, Shorts, Monk Straps, Hi-Tops – the list is endless!


Raw indigo denim is a must for your wardrobe. Smart enough to wear with brogues, a button down shirt and blazer or works just as well with your favourite trainers and a sweatshirt. Selvedge denim is generally raw denim, meaning that it hasn’t been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. It will shrink slightly if you do choose to wash (Some denim enthusiasts find it blasphemy to do such a thing!).
There is no real evidence that choosing Selvedge jeans means that they will last longer, but they sure do look great with a turn up!

How I wear it: I am quite a newbie when it comes to wearing Selvedge denim. At the moment I find there are two fail-proof ways of wearing them. The first, with a white button down shirt, green parka and tan Grenson boots. The second, with a Breton stripe sweater, wool cap and bomber jacket for a more relaxed feel.


I believe there are four key shoe styles that every man should start with when building his shoe collection.

Brogues – A classic through and through, works with more than just a suit. Brogues look great when worn with Denim or Chino’s.

Monk-Strap – Definitely the trademark of a well dressed man. Single or double straps is really up to your personal preference. Much like the brogue, the Monk-Strap adds a slick twist to any outfit.

Sneakers – For those more chilled out days stick to sure fire winners such as: Converse, Adidas Stan Smith’s, Nike or New Balance.

Boots – There is such a huge variety of boots on the Men’s market. The trick is to find something that isn’t going to make you look like Action Man. Steer clear of Military styles, buckles and patent leather. The Chelsea boot is a sophisticated classic that will look great with any outfit. Desert boots are great for an in-formal dress code.

How I wear it: Shoes are an extremely important part of putting an outfit together for me. Generally I decide what shoe I am going to wear first and then base the rest of my outfit around it. My go-to shoes would be Monk-Straps and Brogues as I find they work with 90% of my wardrobe.


Let’s face it. Stuffing your pockets with your wallet, keys and phone is not a great look. Time to invest in a timeless, sleek design to carry your worldly possessions around in. Totes, Shoppers, Briefcases and Document Holders are all great bags to consider adding to your wardrobe arsenal.



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