FASHION Menswear


J.Crew Fall/Winter 2015 Men’s Inspiration

The main theme for the men’s collection started with a trip I took to a vintage army/navy show in the south of England. The army supplies, tents, vintage blankets and surplus inherently inspired these pieces with their functionality, but we’ve made them sophisticated. I have an image of Montgomery Clift in a great overcoat which helped inspire the tailoring and fabrications to modernize the clothes for today’s man. Like vintage utility pieces, each of our pieces are functional and have a purpose; every inch of the piece is considered. -Frank Muytjens, Head of J.Crew Men’s Design

I love the muted camel, navy and grey tones of the collection. Originally, I wasn’t a fan of the Suit and sneakers combination but J. Crew have really made this their own collaborating with New Balance on some exclusive colourways.


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