Menswear Tutorials


The hardest working, undercover pieces in your wardrobe: The Commodoties. Underwear, t-shirts and socks. Not quite so easy to find those stylish, comfortable and practical pieces as you’d think! It’s taken me a while to find my go-to brands but, I’m feeling generous and allowing you a peek at my favourites.


Sunspel Briefs

Sunspel – Now I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m a briefs wearing guy and with this comes a couple challenges: The rise, bum coverage and ‘support’ (if you wear briefs, you know where I’m going with this!) after trying pretty much every brand out there I think I have finally found ‘The One’ at Sunspel! Made from their Superfine cotton they are made for the gentleman that appreciates clean cut, no fuss underwear. The high leg is finished with narrow elastic to help retain shape throughout wear.

Score 10/10


Falke Invisible Step

Falke – I have always had an issue with find an invisible step sock that is completely invisible when wearing smart shoes. Either the back pings off unexpectedly or the are cut just a little too high and peek out from the sides of the shoe tongue. However, Falke have got it down perfectly. Made from a ribbed knit cotton blend and featuring anti-slip silicone grips on the back, you need to add a pair in every colour to your sock drawer!

Score 9.5/10

Uniqlo – If you haven’t been into Uniqlo and marvelled at the rainbow wall full of socks, you’re missing out! The socks keep their shape, are comfortable, do not slip down and come in an extensive range of colours and patterns.

Score 10/10

Layering T-Shirts

Uniqlo Dry T-Shirt

One of the most vital pieces in my wardrobe. The layering or ‘basic’ t-shirt works wonderfully on its own or underneath a shirt, sweater or jacket. I love the cut of the t-shirts from Uniqlo. I am broad shouldered and have a long slim torso and have always struggled to find a style that isn’t cropped at the sleeves or waist. If you too have struggled with finding a brand that offers a solution to all of these challenges, look not further – pop down to Uniqlo and pick up these amazing ‘Dry Crew Neck’ T-shirts at an absolute steal at £4.90 each!

Score 10/10


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