The Quest for Sexy Underwear… For Men.

One thing I have always been fascinated by in the “fashion industry” is the distinct lack of “Sexy underwear” on the market for men. I mean, sophisticated, stylish, bottom-intact kinda underwear (no offence to those jock strap wearers out there!)

If I asked you to “describe what sexy ladies underwear looks like in a high street store?” Chances are you’d describe something lacy, dainty and maybe even a little bit racy!

Now, let me ask you the same question but for men? What would your answer be? On the whole it is widely accepted that a new pair of Calvin’s or Armani’s are seen as being sexy or “pulling pants” that then end up being worn on a day-to-day basis, however successful they were on first their first outing!

The six packed hunks staring at us with their oiled six packs and high cheekbones smirk with the suggestion that these heavily branded underpants will turn us, Everyday Joe’s into Grecian Adonis’ like them. It was Levi’s iconic Launderette advert featuring Nick Kamen stripping to his Sunspel boxers that really introduced the idea of ‘Sex appeal’ to a man in his underwear.

I’m not suggesting we take cues from the Women’s market and start looking for lace trimmed briefs and Swarovski dipped vests, I think Dolce & Gabbana already did that. Remember? I didn’t think so. Where’s the drama and eroticism in an old grey pair of briefs?

Sex appeal is personal, after all. I find there to be something quite sexy about a crisp white t-shirt and white briefs. Others may be drawn to men in loose-fitting boxers or a lace thong – we’ve all got different tastes!

I have searched far and wide to find some sexy, stylish underwear to breath new life into that pants drawer for the summer ahead!


La Perla Skin New Brief £29.00


La Perla Essetial Net Vest £125.00


Rufskin Harald ‘Tom of Finland’ sports brief £45.00

doreanse copy

Doreanse Zip Fly Brief £11.00


Sunspel Bengal Stripe Boxer Shorts £30.00


Rufskin Boyce Cotton Boxers £38.00


La Perla Silk Way Boxer Shorts £116.00


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