Jigsaw – Painted Check S/S Shirt

Jigsaw – Painted Check Slim Shorts

Levi’s – Trucker Jacket

Converse – All Stair Hi Tops

This bank holiday weekend I spent it down by the sea (as I’m sure most British people within an hour of a coastline did!) and thought it the perfect opportunity to bust out this look that I have been saving for a warmer day!

I am obsessed with co-co-ordinating clothes for men at the moment and have several sets in my wardrobe. This style from Jigsaw makes a statement without being garish. The muted navy and painted effect grid pattern make this a great option to wear for both beginners and fashion lovers alike. I teamed mine with my trusty Levi’s Trucker Jacket and Converse to ground the look for day time. I can tell I am going to get a lot of wear from both pieces this season. The shorts would look great with a grey t-shirt, denim shirt and sandals. The shirt I plan to wear with navy chino’s and brogues at some point for a relaxed evening look.

The elderly folk of Worthing didn’t know where to look whilst I was running around in this set! I certainly stood out in a sea of beige and blush pink slacks!

Oh and whilst I was on the beach taking these pictures, a man decided he’d participate and film me… so, somewhere out there is an unsolicited video of me frolicking on the southern coast!



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