Coffee table books. An actual good read or just pretty decoration for a big empty space?

I like to think a little of both… the books that you find on somebodies coffee table says a lot about that person. Of course, they are going to choose subjects that interest them. What people chose to display in their home really interests me and I’m always having a nose through their books!

So, you have a big empty space gleaming up at you on your coffee table. Where to begin? Choose a couple of topics that you have a real passion for and go from there. I quite like adding a couple of conversation starters in there… Something a little bit cheeky or perhaps a well known publication everybody can pick up and relate to. I like to think of coffee table books as something people can pick up and flick through at my place and feel inspired. You need to choose the right balance between gorgeous imagery and information!

Here are my personal top 10 favourites:

1. Pictures by Tim WalkerTim Walker

2. Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen

3. The Kinfolk Table, Recipes for Small GatheringsKinfolk

4. Monochrome HomeMonochrome

5. Men in this townMen in this town

6. London. Portrait of a CityLondon

7. Tom Ford: 10 YearsTom Ford

8. Liaigre: Twelve ProjectsLiaigre

9. Savile Row: The Master Tailors of British BespokeSavile Row

10. The Curious Bartender – The artistry and alchemy of creating the perfect cocktailThe Curious Bartender


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