Christmas is right around the corner and for some, that can cause anxiety. Presents! Gift wrapping! Fear not gentlemen, I have written a super-easy tutorial on how to beautifully present your gifts to your friends and loved ones.

I find the presentation of the gift as equally as important as the contents inside. It says you have put a lot of thought and love into it from start to finish – also, they will be wowed with your super wrapping skills!

What you will need…

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbons
  • Trinkets/decorations
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Regular sellotape
  • Scissors

Gift wrap (Courtesy of The White Company)…


Place your present in the top left hand side of the wrapping paper. Next move it 45-degrees inwards – enough to pull up the paper on both corners of the gift. On the longer side allow enough to cover the top of the present.

Align your gift at 45 degrees inwards of the paper
Cut the paper to size
Pull the longer side up and over the gift and place a small amount of regular sellotape to hold it in place. Now, cut the other sides of the wrapping paper still attached to the roll with similar measurements.

Pull the longer side just over the middle of the gift & sellotape to hold


With one half of your gift wrapped, pull the other longer side of the paper up and over the gift. You want to ensure you have a clean line and no excess paper hanging over. Trim carefully for an exact fit.  Next, make sure your gift is centrally placed in the paper.

Take your double-sided sticky tape and cut a measurement just shy of the gift. Place along the inside of the paper and peel off the protective film. Carefully bring the paper back  up and over, applying some pressure to ensure a clean line. Rub a finger over the tape to secure.

Carefully trim any extra paper from the sides
Apply a strip of double -sided sticky tape and remove the backing


This is the part that most people find the hardest – the loose ends of wrapping a gift!

With both hands push in on the sides of the paper on one end of your gift. You should see the paper on the top and bottom fold into a ‘V’ shape. Carefully run your fingers along the edges of the ‘V’ shape to sharpen them into neat, clean lines. Repeat steps on both sides, including the top and bottom.

Push in the sides of the paper
Push in folds against the gift and ensure clean, sharp lines are running along the edges
When folding the top and bottom of the paper, ensure you take some time and align them centrally. The upper section of paper will have a sharp point – fold this in on itself for a straight line. Add some double-sided tape to the inner section and pull the top down and push firmly to hold in place. Repeat the above steps for the other side.

Add double-sided tape to the bottom piece of paper to secure
What your gift should look like!

Now we move onto the ribbons – not as tricky as it looks… Turn your gift face down and run a good length of ribbon (enough to wrap around the box twice) under the gift and pull it gently towards yourself. Now cross the tops of the ribbon over as if you were tying your shoelaces and pull until the crossed ribbons meet on the gift.

Place your ribbon under the gift ensuring there are no twists or kinks
Still holding on to the ribbon twist the box so that you get a cross shape – ribbon should be running vertically and horizontally across the gift. Loop around the gift and tie the ribbons into a bow where they meet on the cross on the opposite side.

When the ribbons meet, twist them in the opposite directions and feed under the gift
Trim off any excess ribbon from your bow – it’s entirely up to you how long you want the tails of your bow to be. Then cut these off cuts again in equal lengths. Untie your bow and carefully position them at different angles to create a ‘Sun ray’ effect. Re-tie the bow over them to hold into place.

Use the bow tail off-cuts to create a ‘Sun ray’ effect
Trim your ‘Sun ray’ ribbons at an angle for a sharp, professional look

This is my favourite part of wrapping a gift, adorning with garlands and trinkets for a truly personal touch. A couple of ideas are tying snowflake tree decorations, Mistletoe or festive garlands.

Take your decoration of choice (I am using The White Company ‘Sparkle Present’ ties) and apply around the bow or cross of ribbon closest to the bow to hide any wires or sticky tape.

Finally, add your gift tag and voilà – a gorgeously wrapped gift in just a few minutes.

The finished result… One down and many more to go!
I hope this tutorial was helpful and gave you some ideas into wrapping your Christmas gifts this year. Please do send me a tweet @boyinbreton if you have any questions or comments! I’d love to see pictures of you putting this into practice! Happy wrapping. X




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