I’ve never really had a hobby that I’ve committed to. Sure, I’ve tried drawing or running – even the odd bit of baking here and there but nothing really enthralled me enough to carry on with it.

My father suggested years ago that I should start a blog to house all of the things that I love – Fashion, Music, Interiors etc. Being a little younger than I am now, I brushed it aside and thought nothing of it… Last year several of my friends raised the idea again and persisted that I start a blog to share my knowledge and passion with others.

And so, after many scribbling and sketching sessions “Boy in Breton” was born in Mark’s Bar in Hix! The name is an inside joke amongst friends as I own so many variations of Striped tops that whenever we’d ask eachother what we would be wearing to dinner or a party they’d all echo “Michael will be in something Striped!”

Boy in Breton started on Tumblr and moved quickly to WordPress for a more user-friendly and interactive experience. In the past year I have shot a couple of Youtube videos and really want to expand on this in 2016!

In this past year I have been given the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and PR’s – thank you so much to those that have reached out and offered support and encouragement! Thank you to the team at Winq Magazine for taking me on board to produce content for both online and in print!

Thank you to my Dad for first suggesting the idea and for encouraging me with it and for being an amazing photographer, taking quite a few of the wonderful ‘Outfit of the day’ shots you see on the site! To my boyfriend and friends: Thank you for putting up with me when I stop randomly to take pictures or nag you about blog ideas!

And last but certainly not least, thank you! Without you guys looking at the blog, following me on social media and engaging with me I  would not be typing this post! Blogging can be hard and time consuming whilst working a full time job, but hearing feedback from you about my content spurs me onwards to make Boy in Breton even bigger and better for 2016!

Love, Michael


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