An enduring classic and wardrobe hero, the Breton stripe top has come along way since starting out as the uniform for the French Navy. Coco Chanel deemed it for great things when she added it to her own wardrobe in 1917. It has been worn by movie and music legends, royalty and… me!
I recently came across an Instagram account for a brand called ‘Mon Breton’ and instantly fell in love with the products and story behind them. What is unique about the brand is they offer you the opportunity to personalise this wardrobe hero with custom embroidery – ranging from your standard alphabet characters to emoji’s!
Creative Director, Isla Cunningham says “There are plenty of places you can buy a “Breton” shirt but a Breton shirt is more than just a T-shirt with stripes. A true Breton shirt from Mon Breton is a masterpiece in engineering combining style fit for Audrey Hepburn, and substance fit for a sailor.”
The garments are ethically sourced too – being crafted in Brittany, France and embroidered in London. Afterall, a Breton isn’t truly a Breton top if it isn’t from France…
Now then, do I go for my initials and an anchor emoji or do I go for my initials? Decisions, decisions… my birthday is just around the corner so I may have to treat myself.
Prices start at £50 for the top and additional charges for embroidery designs.
For more information and to customise your own Breton top visit

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