Around the home: GO GREEK

Clear blue skies, crystal oceans and mazes of white-washed buildings. You don’t have to take a trip to Greece to feel like you’re in the thick of it all. One of the biggest trends for interior styling right now is to go Grecian. Similar to the Nautical trend but less “obvious” in its decorative accessories and has a few similarities to the minimalism found in Scandi interiors, but with a little bit more heart behind it.

The main points to focus on for creating this look at home…

  • White, Blue and neutral shades are key
  • Play with textures: Ceramic, Wood, Rope.
  • Don’t be too obvious with statues of Hercules and Versace-style medallions!


Below are some of my top pieces to get you started with going Greek:

Sophisticated linen finish that is stylish and simply understated. This shade is wonderfully versatile and suitable for any room in the house. Navy Greek Grecian interiors interior design style inspiration lighting blog blogger lifestyle male blog menswear boy in breton boyinbreton.comJohn Lewis Croft Collection Linney Concrete Table Lamp Greek Grecian Interior Interiors Design Ideas Lifestyle Blog Blogger Male Menswear Boy in Breton boyinbreton Michael Parker

Neptune Lucile Lampshade – This lampshade is an easy and perfect way to introduce a splash of blue to a room. Keep the base quite simple – white ceramic or concrete as shown above from John Lewis.

Add a little art to your outdoor space with the Mosaic Tiled Side Table. Its ceramic tiles are carefully inlaid by hand onto an antiqued bronze metal base, for a unique look both indoors and out. West Elm WestElm Interiors Interior Greek Grecian Lifestyle blog blogger ideas inspiration boyinbreton boy in breton

Choosing mosaic is a great choice and this side table from West Elm will make for an interesting focal point both inside and out.

Beautifully handmade from bamboo and finished with a white wash, this lantern is perfect for adding that Summer feeling to your outdoors area. Simply place one of our Small Pillar Candles on the bottom for instant glow. The White Company blog blogger male men's lifestyle interior interiors ideas greek grecian boy in breton

I love this bamboo lantern from The White Company, it has a real rustic feel about it as if you had picked it up from a market whilst on holiday in Greece!


Greece is known for its infamous statues and this print of Venus De Milo from Lime Lace is a great way of injecting a little bit of fun into the room. It’s printed using a technique called ‘halftone’ which is an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image which creates an optical illusion as the small dots are blended into smooth tones by the human eye.

Taking shape. With the rich, textured feel of potter's wheel pieces, our Ceramicist Vase Collection comes in several shapes and colours. Group together vases of varying heights for a dramatic display. West Elm WestElm Greek Grecian interiors interior design inspiration boyinbreton boy in breton lifestyle blog blogger lblogger

Add interest to the room with these ceramic vases. Play with the heights available and colour variations around the room for depth and add Eucalyptus for a simple but effective look.

A square scatter cushion filled with the softest duck feather. It comes with a screen-printed cover blended from cotton and linen in a playful arrangement of stripes. It’s a subtle way of channelling the nautical look. Greek grecian interiors design inspiration home boy in breton blog blogger lifestyle

Use pattern sparingly when going for the Greek look – whereas the nautical trend is all about bold patterns and in-your-face references to all things ocean based, we’re going for something a little more subtle. A couple of these cushions will do the trick.

French Connection Home Homeware Interiors Design Style Ideas Inspiration Lifestyle Blog Blogger Male Men Boyinbreton boy in breton

The Edge picture frames from French Connection are individually hand-finished, making each piece original and one of a kind.  A great way to add a bit of timber without being overbearing in a room.

French Connection Home Homeware Interiors Design Style Ideas Inspiration Lifestyle Blog Blogger Male Men Boyinbreton boy in breton Heals Habitat Bortollo Wool Rug Carpet Greek Grecian

Hand-woven in wonderful earth tones, the Bortollo medium natural flat weave rug complements most colour schemes but will work brilliantly for the Grecian trend. Homely yet refined.

French Connection Home Homeware Interiors Design Style Ideas Inspiration Lifestyle Blog Blogger Male Men Boyinbreton boy in breton Heals Habitat Bortollo Wool Rug Carpet Greek Grecian Zara Jute Rope Mirror

How cool is this mirror from Zara Home? Braided with jute rope it really adds character and charm to the room. Forget your basic square mirrors!


I love these plates from 1882 LTD are beautifully crafted by artisans and the fascinating patterns are created when the pigment added to the slip coating does not blend fully, reflecting the beauty of natural imperfections. Display a few of these around the room or in a row for a striking visual.


What do you think of this trend? Let me know on Twitter @boyinbreton


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