I have always loved hair care and styling products. I can remember being around 4 years old, sitting at my mum’s dressing table in front of the mirror frantically spraying the hugest can of hairspray onto my head trying to create different hairstyles… how successful I was is left to be desired.

Fast forward 24 years to now (with a short stint at training to become a hairdresser) and I’d like to think my hair-styling skills have been honed ever-so-slightly.

One thing I wasn’t aware of at toddler age was the importance of hair and scalp care… All of those products and exposure to heat can have a build-up and cause irritation. There are so many different products on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin when trying to choose one. I have tried what feels like hundreds of products over the years and have seen very little in positive results… Until now. contacted me and kindly offered me the chance to try out a few of their products. I chose the scalp tonic, purifying shampoo and deconstructor putty. A mixture of maintenence and styling.

Purifying Scalp Shampoo

Label.Men Label.M Toni&Guy Mens Shampoo Purifying Scalp London Fashion Week LCM Review Grooming Mens Blog Blogger Lifestyle Boyinbreton Boy in Breton

Some shampoos contain a lot of chemicals that can strip the hair and scalp of essentials oils and actually cause irritation. I swapped my regular shampoo over to label.m’s purifying shampoo and have been using it every other day for 2 weeks.

The results have been phenomenal! I usually get quite an itchy head from the build up of salt spray, wax and hairspray that goes into styling my hair and have to wash it every day. With this shampoo I can go 2 days without washing it. You get a great squeaky feeling when it lathers in your hair, which I love. It really feels like a thorough cleanse.

Scalp Tonic

Label.Men Label.M Toni&Guy Mens Shampoo Purifying Scalp London Fashion Week LCM Review Grooming Mens Blog Blogger Lifestyle Boyinbreton Boy in Breton Scalp Tonic Dandruff Itchy Scalp Remedy Cures Help

Let’s be real guys, very little of us do more to our hair than wash it with a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner before styling it. Much like taking care of the skin on our face with toning and moisturising, there is some maintenance to our scalps too. A scalp tonic helps to stimulate blood flow, protect against bacterial attacks (which cause the flakiness) and leaves a refreshing tingle sensation. Apply a small amount and comb through towel-dried hair.

I have been using this after every time I wash my hair and truly believe this has helped to relieve my scalp from the itchiness of product overload. My scalp feels refreshed and hair looks glossier after blow-drying it.



There are no end of styling products out there; wax, gel, clays, sprays and putty’s. The Deconstructor from is a dream for thick haired guys like myself. This product is strong enough to add definition and volume to styles without being overly heavy on the hair – mould, sculpt and experiment to create your desired hair style with a firm hold and a dry matte finish. Only a small amount is needed, rub between your hands and distribute evenly through the hair.

What hair styling products do you guys use/like? Let me know by leaving a cheeky comment on this post and please give me a follow on Instagram & Twitter @boyinbreton


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