Consistent skincare maintenance is something that is usually forgotten as part of our weekly routine, let’s be real here guys. Much like brushing your teeth, or washing your hands you need to make it a “Must” instead of a “Should”. To ensure your skin is healthy and in mint condition dedicate an extra ten minutes a day to caring for it.

There are a few simple things to know before you embark on this new journey of fresh-face discovery…

Get to know your skin – Inspect your skin closely in the mirror, paying extra close attention to your ‘T-Zone’ (that’s the area above your eyebrows and down your nose). It’s important that you buy products that are suited to your skin type. A ‘One product does all’ option really isn’t going to cut it!

Is your skin…

‘Normal’ – You don’t really encounter any issues with your skin. Perhaps the occasional pimple and blemish but nothing to be too concerned about! Buy products that are designed for ‘Sensitive/Normal’ skin types.

‘Dry/Sensitive’ – Prone to irritation and can feel quite dry and tight. Sometimes flakes around the nose and eyebrow areas. Buy products formulated for this skin type and avoid perfumed where possible.

‘Oily’ – Pores block easily with grime and dead skin. Typically you’ll have a slightly shiny complexion. Products created for this skin type will help to cleanse and remove these build ups and aren’t as moisture-rich.

‘Combination’ – You can have a combination of both dry and oily skin. Try and spot the differences as outlined above and find products suited to work for this skin type.

Ageing – Skin will look tired and ‘lived in’, frown lines, crow’s feet, sun damage, laughter lines? Don’t sweat it, you just need something with an added kick in it to revive the skin.

Skincare male grooming face facial groom mens skin beauty blog blogger lifestyle boy in breton Anne Semonin Cleanser Toner Exfoliate Moisturiser Aesop Lush Anne Semonin

The Routine…

So, you’ve met your skin and forked out on a few great products, now what? Set aside an additional 5 minutes in your morning and evening schedule and follow the steps below:

Cleanse – Twice a day. First thing in the morning will not only clean your face but also wake it up! Then just before bed in the evening to remove any nasties such as oil, dirt and dead skin cells.

1. Wet your face with warm water
2. Apply a small amount of cleanser onto the face in circular motions, paying extra attention to the T-Zone
3. Leave on for a couple of seconds
4. Rinse off with with cool water
5. Towel dry, patting the skin rather than rubbing.

Tone – Adjusts the skins PH balance after cleansing it. This isn’t a step that is always needed if you use the correct cleanser for your skin type as the skin will naturally readjust itself. Toning just boosts the process and feels tingly!

1. Splash some toner on your finger tips
2. Pat over the face and neck

Exfoliate – Between once to 3 times a week. I exfoliate on Sunday’s & Wednesday’s.

1. Squeeze a small amount of exfoliator into the palm of your hand
2. Using your fingers, apply to the face and neck in circular rotations. Pay special attention to those focus areas where build-ups occur.
3. Rinse off with cool water and towel dry

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and other that build up on your skin. Scrubbing helps new, healthier skin cells reveal themselves, improving your complexion and adds a subtle ‘glow’. Be sure to only do this once a day and not twice, after seeing the results its tempting to exfoliate every day but this is actually damaging to the skin if done too frequently.

Moisturise – Moisturising the skin is one of the most important steps in skincare maintenance. It has a huge array of benefits such as; hydrating, firms skin and has anti-ageing qualities by promoting Collagen growth. Try and use an SPF blend moisturiser to help protect against harmful UV rays.

Products I use…

Skincare male grooming face facial groom mens skin beauty blog blogger lifestyle boy in breton Anne Semonin Cleanser Toner Exfoliate Moisturiser Aesop Lush

Anne Semonin Oligo Cleansing Gel – Being a city dweller my entire life, I use this mild cleanser daily and find it really helps to remove impurities that build up throughout the day. The soap-free and paraben-free formula does not dry or irritate my sensitive skin either, which is great! I’ve found with some cleansers that they can dry the skin out after frequent use… this one however has not done that. Delicately scented and formulated, it contains a special red algae with anti-bacterial and anti-pollution properties. Have a feel of your face after drying as it feels silky smooth as if you’ve just moisturised!

Aesop Parsley Seed Toner – This toner contains Blue Chamomile, which offers a significant amount of anti-inflammatory azulenes, and anti-oxidant Parsley Seed. I love the refreshing, tingly sensation it leaves on the skin upon application.

Lush ‘Ocean Salt’ Exfoliator – I love this zingy exfoliator from high street favourite, Lush. It contains a mixture of limes, vodka(!), grapefruit, avocado and sea salt.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel – I find this moisturiser really re-awakens dull looking skin and results really do appear after a couple of uses. The caffeine and vitamin blend formula works to energise, moisturise and control shine.

It’s as easy as that guys! Grab yourself a few great products and in a short time you’ll reap the benefits from committing a little more time to the health of your skin.


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