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The newest exhibition at the V&A museum will explore the era-defining significance and impact of the late 1960s, expressed through some of the greatest music and performances of the 20th century alongside fashion, film, design and political activism.


Let’s set the scene: Woodstock. A music festival that attracted over 400,000 people in New York over the course of a weekend. It’s surely one of the most memorable cultural moments of that era as people became more open about their sexuality, their political commitments and fashion choices. Musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Crosby all took to the stage over the three-day weekend of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

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An interesting fact for you – 98% of Woodstock attendees were wearing Levi’s jeans, the other 2% were naked!

Levi’s invited me along to a private preview night of the fully immersive exhibition. To kick things off Grime artist Skepta took to the stage to celebrate the announcement of their new global Music mentoring project.

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In keeping with the trend for vintage-style jeans, the brand has updated one of their most iconic fits, the 505, introduced in the 1960’s. Worn by musical icons such as Debbie Harry, The Ramones and The Who the fit has been re-invented for the next generation of rock stars; the 505c. To honour this iconic fit, the V&A and Levi’s have collaborated on a limited edition run of the jeans with special pocket lining.

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If you guys are interested in fashion, music, art and history in any shape or form then you really should pay a visit to this colourful explosion at the Victoria and Albert museum.

Opens Saturday 10th September 2016 at the V&A museum, London.

All images of the exhibition are copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


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