Break the internet with your breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only for health reasons but also for stepping up your Instagram credibility. If you don’t have a shot of your avocados on toast or your coffee, quite frankly you need to delete your account.

So, how does one make their scrambled eggs look deliciously appetising and double-tap worthy? Read my top tips below and see the likes start to clock up.

Choice of food

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Photo courtesy of @sohohouse Instagram

A slice of Nutella on toast or your Weetabix just isn’t very inspiring or jealousy-inducing. Avocadoes & poached egg on toast is one of the most popular, followed closely by fruit and yogurt and of course, the super smoothie #fitfam. Leave the beans and bangers off of Instagram.


The composition of the photgraph is hugely important to acheieving a great breakfast photo. Position your cutlery, plate & drink in a carefully curated ‘care-free’ attitude. Also slap the cutlery out of your friends hand and reposition their food too; this shot has to be just right!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Photo courtesy of @eatingnaked Instagram

It’s not often that I don’t like to be in a photo but I despise it when I’m trying to take a flat lay shot from above and my shadow is in shot! Be aware of where your light source is coming from – you want the food to be lit just right. I’ve had some funny looks in restaurants as I’m stood looming over my food, arm practically dislocated to avoid blocking the light. Take the photograph from above, facing the camera directly down for a birds-eye view of that mouthwatering deliciousness you’re about to enjoy.


If you haven’t, treat yourself to a proper app to filter your masterpieces with. The bog standard Instagram presets are so 2014. VSCO is your new best friend when it comes to this sort of thing. I usually layer a couple of filters to achieve something a little more unique. The filters you use are also dependant on whether your account has a colour theme or certain aesthetic.


Ensure the hashtags you use are relevant to the picture. Try and be a little bit more specific than #egg #on #toast the chances of people searching these hashtags are quite slim. #FoodPorn is extremly popular, a sordid mix of oozing eggs yolks and buttered bread. 

So, those are my top tips to achieving top notch Instagram shots of your breakfast. Come to think of it most of what I have discussed can be used for pretty much any meal!

Be sure to tag me in your photographs on Instagram @boyinbreton and give me a follow whilst you’re at it!


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