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Team GB: Great Breton

I’m team GB to the bone. GB being Great Breton, obviously. For those of you new to the blog and haven’t had a look at the ‘About Me‘ page yet, I am called the ‘Boy in Breton’ as I hoard anything with a Breton Stripe on it. I stand up, adjust my name badge and take pride in my stripe-fuelled addiction.

 When The Original Breton Company got in touch with me it was a dream come true. We have so many parrallel’s (apart from the name!) I took the latest addition to the collection with me and wore it persistently on my holiday in the south of France. The crisp stripes against the back drop of the azure sea is so captivating to me.

 The company was inspired by many family trips to France and collecting so many Breton tops over the years. This love for all things striped grew into a company that initially started selling  through national newspaper adverts and in selective magazines over 25 years ago. This tradition carried on for many years until recently when they felt that they could reach out via the internet… and got in touch with yours truly.

They say, “We always wanted The Breton Shirt Company to represent something different. Something fresh but with a history and strong foundations. At The Breton Shirt Company we respect the heritage of these iconic striped shirts and our clothing represents tradition with a modern twist bringing colour, vitality mixed with genuine authenticity.”

All of The Breton Shirt Company garments are made by the Atlantic coast by a small family business. Created, manufactured and each hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced materials and skilled craftspeople. A rare blend of traditional manufacturing, nautical flair and unmatched quality. The perfect formula when investing in such a wardrobe classic.



Check out their full range of amazing Breton tops at

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