The Perfect Weekend.

I’ve always found that music has a magical healing power. We’ve all shed a tear to the dulcet tones of Adele’s heartbreak and shook it off with Taylor Swift. Whether we’re sad, angry or happy there’s a song that we can lose ourselves in for a few moments.

There’s a great deal of importance in ‘me time’. It’s the little things in life that make a big difference to your general well-being. As you may know already, I am a all about the ‘ambience’ of the home; the lighting has to be just right, the scent of the room and even the soundtrack is an integral part of this. The perfect weekend requires a gentle, easy-listening narrative which builds up into an explosion of toe-tapping, singing and celebration.


Thanks to the Panasonic Bluetooth Speakers I am able to stream my music from my phone  anywhere in the house directly via my smart phone. Meaning I don’t have to be tied to a two-foot wire connecting the speakers when using my phone… even from the comfort of my own bed! The speakers look just as good as they sound – with a sleek modern design that will blend in perfectly with any decor. I love to fill my home with music – I guess I get this from my parents. I grew up with a house with music filling the air from morning to evening. I feel alone in silence, so there is something comforting about the tinkling of a piano or the smooth vocals of an old star.

So, what’s my Perfect Weekend you ask? Well, it involves a little slow-living. A break from the hustle and bustle of city living, and a suspension of “To-do” lists.

Download my weekend soundtrack on Spotify and listen with me as I share my weekend rituals with you: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


A strong coffee is an essential part of kick starting my weekend. After waking up naturally – no bloody alarm clock to battle with! I don’t mind pulling myself out from the comfort of my bed if I know I’ll soon be returning to snuggle up and listen to the soothing sounds of Etta James, cup of coffee in hand.groom

I’m not the sort of person who can wake up and eat a big breakfast. A coffee and pastry will do and I’m good to go! At the weekend I like to head out to buy the newspapers and buy some fresh flowers to brighten up the home. Before heading out, it’ll be a long pampering session and taming of the quiff. Whilst this takes place I will most likely be lip syncing to some old school Britney… We all love shower karaoke.

When in Brighton, my favourite place to buy flowers is Quince. Anna, the owner, is one of the most talented and lovely women I know. She never fails to inspire me with the beauty of her shop and eye for detail. Be sure to pay her a visit when you’re in town and treat yourself to a bouquet, or the bloggers favourite: a succulent – the flowers on offer change with the seasons making each visit truly unique.


I love catching up with friends to enjoy a cocktail or two with brunch in the afternoon. Since legally being able to drink, I have tried and tested many a cocktail ( and quite a lot of hangover cures too!). It’s interesting just how much my tastes have evolved over the past 8 years. When I was younger I would favour sweet, fruity cocktails and this has been replaced with a preference for smokey, eye-watering  inducing ones in recent years. At the moment I tend to order a Negroni – strong and smokey… just how I like my fragrances!


Then it’s time to walk the cocktails off with a stroll along the beach. The fresh sea air never fails to envigorate and revive us city dwellers!

Back home I’ll crash out on the sofa with a glass of wine, Kinfolk magazine and the soothing beats of Hotel Costes. If an afternoon nap happens, so be it. I like to call them ‘disco naps’ a quick 30 minutes will help with the night of dancing ahead!

Finally, no weekend is complete without a night on the town in some shape of form. It often takes me a good hour to decide what to wear – flitting between a handful of outfits in between singing along Blondie, Rihanna and dare I admit it…. Justin Bieber!

Panasonic SC-ALL9 Wireless Speakers, I say “Thank you for the music.”

What do you get up to on your weekend? Do you have any rituals? Let me know by dropping me a tweet @boyinbreton or commenting below!


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