A Clean Shave with Cornerstone

I was recently approached by a brand called CORNERSTONE, who pride themselves on offering “the best shave of your life” they asked if I’d like to try out their products – I’m not going to lie, I was little hesitant to do so, as growing up I suffered massively from sensitive skin, razor burn and stubble rash which left me feeling a little bit self-conscious and vulnerable.

I tried many methods to overcome these problems -alcohol free products, shaving in the shower, using natural ingredients such as honey… the list was endless and nothing seemed to work. I succumbed to the fact that I might just have to trim my facial hair for the rest of my life. It has been at least five years since I last took a razor to my stubble, so, as you can imagine I was a little bit hesitant to give it a go! But you know, facial hair grows back and it’d be nice to give shaving a whirl again.

But before we get to the results, a little bit about Cornerstone and the products they so very kindly sent me:

CORNERSTONE was found two years ago by Oliver Bridge, who like me, had spent years suffering from sensitive skin. He set out to create a product that would make shaving bearable again and a familiar, personal ritual. Managing to raise over £1 million through crowd funding, Oliver and his team have managed to create a product that has the trust of tens of thousands of men around the world.

The razors are super flexible being able to bend almost 180 degrees backwards on themselves, gliding over the hairs for a super close shave that regular stiff blades just can’t do.

It’s really easy to get started – just a few simple clicks about your shaving routine is all that is needed before you sign up and your first package arrives in the post.

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I opted for the ‘Full Box‘ containing the razor and spare blades, shave gel, pre-shave scrub and post-shave balm to ensure I got the full Cornerstone experience!

Pre-Shave Scrub: Blended with cedarwood and volcanic sand exfoliating grains to help release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin.

Shave Gel: Formulated specifically to protect sensitive skin from razor burn, our shaving gel blends eucalyptus oil with ginger extract to give a comfortable, irritation-free shave. It smells incredible, herbacious almost – and doesn’t lather up like a fluffly white cloud like foam.

Post-Shave Balm: Blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition. The balm cools, refreshes and moisturises – helping to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance and reduce irritation.

The razor and the blades: There are five super sharp, fine blades – specifically angled and designed to reduce sensitive skin irritation. Mounted on a flexible head and paired with an Aloe Vera moisturising strip, the razor closely follows the contours of your face for a smooth, comfortable shave. For a truly personalised touch, they offer to engrave the handle of your razor for free with up to three initials!

Check out the video below to see the results of the products:

I’m truly blown away by the results and I’m not just saying that (if I didn’t think it was any good, I’d say so!) I have to give kudos to Cornerstone for living up to their promise. The shave was quick, slick and a delight. It’s been half a decade since a razor went near my face but I’m tempted to keep it up now knowing razor burn rash and in-grown hairs are a thing of the past!

Guys, I really do urge you to sign up and try out Cornerstone if you suffer from sensitive skin and irritation when shaving. To sweeten the deal even more they are offering £10 off of your first order when you sign up today!



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