Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Black: Otherwise known as Ash Black. As a denim enthusiast, Ash spent many months investigating the possibility of creating a product that was a gentle alternative to washing your jeans without any harsh enzymes to remove stains. Ash worked with some of Australia’s prominent technologists to develop a formula with the active ingredient ‘Forestall’; a 100% biodegradable compound that can neutralise odours and dispel dirt when sprayed.

Thanks to an incredible response amongst the denim-loving community, Mr. Black’s product went into full production and soon full brand expansion began. Today, the range has extended into essential care products for Cotton and Linen, Cashmere and Wool, Leather and even a special formula to revive dull sneakers.

Knowing that I am a patron for all things stylish and practical, the wonderful guys at Mr. Black sent me a few of their products to put to the test!

Denim Refresh

Mr. Black Denim Refresh Garment Essentialsdenimrefresh

As you all know by now, I have worked with denim for many years and profess to be a denim activist. So, I was delighted to give this product a go on my prized Levi’s selvedge jeans. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, washing jeans can be a real no-no for some and also, quite environmenrally unhealthy! So what’s a guy to do to keep them clean?

I grabbed my favourite jeans that were last washed around 2 weeks ago, hung them up and spritzed the bottle lightly inside and out on the jeans and left them to dry overnight. In the morning, I pulled them on and set about my usual daily routine! The jeans smelt fresh and somehow looked a little cleaner even as the day progressed. What kind of magic is this? A bottle of Refresh spray will go a long, long way in keeping those much-loved jeans in tip-top shape.

The unique formula helps to maintain the colour intensity and reduce any fading. The added bonus? It also helps to reduce any excess shrinkage or stretching if you do choose to wash your jeans. Goodbye saggy, faded jeans!

Cotton & Linen Wash


Washing your cottons and linens can be a real pain in the backside sometimes; you have to separate your lights from your darks, cottons from wools and it can become incredibly time consuming.

I was really intrigued into giving the Cotton & Linen Wash a go and see how it compares to the supermarket giant detergents. I mixed a couple of linen shirts and cottons together and put onto a cool wash. The Mr. Black solution gently penetrates deep into the weaves of the fabrics to wash away grime, kill bacteria and neutralise any odours – the shirts came out smelling fresh and light, and also looked a little less wrinkled than usual – perhaps this is another bonus to the Mr. Black formula?

Delicate Wash


Designed for those garments that you’re a bit unsure how to wash; silk scarves for example, the delicate wash from Mr. Black is your answer. Naturally formulated liquid created specifically to care for delicate and intricate garments. The solution is derived from plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and biodegradable so the wash is soft and gentle enough to protect the delicate nature of the garment yet it washes away bacteria, grime and odours leaving the garments clean and smelling fresh after every wash.

Hefty dry cleaning bills are defeated with a bottle of this bad boy. This is one of my favourite products out of the range. I know I’m not alone with my dread of taking items to the dry-cleaner, walking out feeling guilty and anxious for leaving them in there – hoping they’ll be in caring hands and returned in one piece.

Wool & Cashmere Wash

woolcashmereWool and Cashmere Mr. Black Garment Essentials Care

Two of the most notorious fabrics to care for; wool and cashmere are the pinnacle of luxury, but when it comes to caring for them it’s another story. I like to think of them as the ‘Diva fabrics’ full of demands: Dry clean, hand wash, do not tumble dry and do not pass ‘Go’ are often the care instructions (well maybe not the last one but it could quite easily be on the care label with a hefty price tag to match!)

As we move into winter and we begin to wear cashmere and wool jumpers again I thought it would be a wise move to try out this product. I always dread taking it to the dry cleaners just-in-case it never returns in mint condition.

I have to say, the formula has really worked its magic on my cashmere cardigan that was in desperate need of a visit to the dry cleaners. It smells wonderfully fresh and somehow even softer to the touch. I’d reccomend popping only one or two garments into the machine and popping on a cool wash with some of the special formula. If possible lay the items flat on a towel to dry as line-drying can cause the fabric to stretch and lose its shape!

It’s definitely worth investing in a bottle of this if like me, you enjoy the luxury of cashmere and wool but hate the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining them.

The full range of Mr. Black products are available to buy here and at select premium retailers.

Already a fan of Mr. Black products? Thinking about giving them a try? Let me know by commenting on this post or on Twitter @boyinbreton!



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