This is one of my favourite interior styles, as it really allows for personal interpretation, much like art does! I would say this is not an interior makeover that would carry well into a bedroom – unless of course you live in an open plan studio apartment! It lends itself more to the lounge and kitchen as it is both eclectic and warm simultaneously. Think: Rustic accents with comforting textures and a focus on artisanal craft.

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Artist’s studios are pretty messy places, generally speaking. Canvases line the walls, paint splattered across the floor, furniture and beyond and paint brushes scattered like confetti. The aim is to take inspiration from the studio, polish it up a little bit and make presentable and liveable!

Read on, take notes and happy decorating!

Around the home. lifestyle male blogger, Michael shows us how to style your room like an artist's studio. Focus on texture, prints and be playful!

VASE | Throw an obvious reference to the inspiration with this fun vase from Heal’s, inspired by the works of the great Jackson Pollock.

CUSHIONS | The layering of textures is hugely important to achieve this look. Linen is inviting, easy to care for and looks fantastic even when wrinkled!

TILES | A really simple way to get creative and to add some print to the room is to buy patterned tiles. Choose colours that will compliment the rest of your chosen colour palette.

COFFEE TABLE |  No studio is complete without a grand table to hold all of the artists brushes, paints and books for inspiration. This antique wild oak offering from Heal’s is a timeless classic that will only get better with age. Place books, trinkets and candles for full effect.

ROJA DOVE ‘LILAS DE BIARRITZ’ CANDLE | I’m all about the ambience of a room, whether it’s the lounge, bedroom or kitchen – you’ll find a candle in it! This scent from the nose of Roja Dove is fresh, sweet and sensual. Perfect for creating a fresh welcome into your newly styled room!

PRINTS | Art is such a personal thing, with each of us considering artist’s works in different ways. Let your personality shine by showcasing your favourite pieces. Framed or unframed, they will look great stacked across a floating shelf or along the floor. Featured: Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso

PAINT BRUSH POT | Playfully nod to school art classes with the bright paint brush pot from Bridie Hall. Desktops don’t have to be dull and studios so serious. Put all your pens into an alphabet pot! Brighten up your brushes! Personalise by choosing your initials or spelling out a word!

THROW | Draping a throw across the arm of your sofa, on the back of a chair or even folded neatly is a great way to add some texture into the mix. It’s also incredibly handy to snuggle under on those chilly weekend mornings.

LAMP | An original Bauhaus design lovingly reproduced by Fritz Hansen, the Kaiser Idell Luxus table lamp is a masterpiece of early modernist lighting. This would look great in any interior style as it is such an iconic piece of furniture.

GLOBE | Add a little curiosity to the room with this vintage-look globe. Perch on shelf with other knick-knacks and prints.

These are just a few simple suggestions to get your creative juices flowing – as you can see, my artist’s studio could probably be described as ‘considered chaos’. What sort of studio do you think you’d have?

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