This post has been a long time in the making, mainly due to me procrastinating so much in trying to avoid the mammoth task at hand: Having a wardrobe clear out. Here’s the thing, I’m a clothes hoarder. I hold my hands up and declare that I, Michael of am a clothes hoarder. Also, I’m pretty sure I have what I call ‘FOLOOF‘ FEAR.OF.LOSING.OUT.ON.FASHION.

I would love to be one of these guys that can literally survive on a few select key pieces from their wardrobe. The wardrobe essentials are the building blocks and everything else, well, is decoration of course! I’m sure my bank balance would thank me for not spending so much – but no, I see something I like and have to have it or I get moody and obsess over it for a good few days! Surely I am not alone in this?

I’m trying to declutter everything at the moment. Wardrobe, bedroom, bathroom – nothing can hide from the ruthless streak that I’m on at the moment!

If you too are looking to have a sort through your wardrobe and just do not know how of even where to begin, help is at hand.


  • Remove any garment that has never been worn, only worn once or hasn’t been worn in the past 3 months (These will hopefully be in good enough condition to re-sell online or donate to charity)
  • Keep items that you truly love
  • Do not hold onto items ‘Just in case’ (that moment never really comes around)
  • Do not hold onto items that have seen better days due to ‘Nostalgia’
  • Get rid of those odd socks. It’s missing counterpart is gone, deal with it!
  • Throw out or donate clothes that no longer fit you – unless of course it was something super expensive!

Mr Porter wardrobe organization

We’ve all seen pictures of those perfectly presented wardrobes, styled by a visual merchandiser for desirable retailers social content. It’s pretty easy to put into place yourself (best of luck at keeping it that way for more than a week though!)

If you want to give it a go for yourself, I recommend you do the following:

  • Categorise your clothing, t-shirts, shirts, knitwear, jackets, suiting. If you want to be super organised hang them in the order that you would get dressed; t-shirt, shirt, knitwear, jacket and so on
  • Hang each category in colour order, lightest to darkest
  • Denim and chinos can be folded, as can layering garments such as t-shirts
  • Store out-of-season clothing in storage boxes or suitcases to save space
  • Use the bottom of your wardrobe to store your shoes
  • Store Cashmere and delicate garments in transparent storage bags

All this talk of my wardrobe clear out and I haven’t even shown you the results… So, here is my wardrobe before, during and after the clear out. Quite the difference, wouldn’t you agree?


Good luck with your wardrobe clear-outs, I’d love to see your before and after shots! Leave me a comment and follow please follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Header image courtesy of MRPORTER.COM


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