The team at Bobbi Brown very kindly sent me a care package of their skin care range to try out over the course of a few weeks. Luckily it came just at the right time as I had noticed my skin was starting to looking a little ‘blah’ and lack-lustre after over indulging on sugar and alcohol during the festive season (and quite a bit of January too, Dryuary – what?) 

I was really intrigued to give the Bobbi Brown skincare range ago for a couple of reasons. The first: I didn’t know Bobbi Brown did skincare at all and the second reason, I thought of Bobbi Brown being a “Women’s only” brand! 

In this post I’ll share with you my thoughts on each product and the results that I saw after using them for a couple of weeks!

A little bit about my skin…

I’ve always been pretty fortunate with my skin. Growing up I avoided acne or breakouts and I never really suffered from over sebaceous glands during puberty. Sure, I had the occasional pimple but otherwise – pretty clear! It’s only in the last few years that I have started to pay attention to what my skin is doing and how it reacts to dietary and external elements.

My skin is a cross between dry and sensitive, I sometimes get a little dry between the brows and around my nose when the weather starts to get a bit chillier and I go from hot interiors to freezing outside temperatures!

There is one sure fire way to tell if I am sick: Look at my skin. I get little blemishes on my forehead and cheeks and my eyes look sullen.

Intensive Skin Supplement


Following the instructions, I applied three drops of the serum to the face and neck every morning after cleansing and again in the evening before bed. I found that using this in lieu of a moisturiser worked just as well for my skin.

The most noticeable change was that the redness in my skin seemed to calm down and generally brighten my complexion.

Pore & Oil Control


Formulated for blemish-prone and pore-clogged skin, this potent blend of purifying and nutrient-rich oils helps balance sebum levels and increase cell turnover to clarify and unclog pores. The result is a more balanced complexion with less shine and fewer visible pores.

To be honest with you, I probably used this product the least out of all them. I don’t suffer from clogged pores normally as I exfoliate and cleanse regularly to battle the problem. I did find it helped to reduce blemishes which appeared when I felt a little under the weather for a few days.

Buffing Grains


I was probably most excited by these grains when I opened my lovely gift from the Bobbi Brown crew. I love an exfoliator and these were unlike anything that I’ve seen before. Formulated with Japanese adzuki bean powder to help remove dry surface patches and encourage skin cell turnover, these exfoliating grains are to be mixed in with your daily cleanser for a gentle exfoliator.

I’ve used a lot of varying exfoliators over the years; some too harsh, some not enough – this is starting to make me sound like the Goldilocks of skincare, but these little grains have worked a treat at removing the dirt and grime that leaves skull looking less than impressive. Immediately after using my skin feels tingly and clean and throughout the day people have commented I look rested and “glowing”.

Instant Detox Mask


This has to be one of my favourite skincare products in a very long time! This mask does what it says on the packaging by removing impurities, pollutants and ex-cess oil from pores without stripping the skin. It not only feels incredible after using but also smells wonderfully fresh too thanks to the mineral-rich Amazonian white clay, sea-salt and salt water formula.

I used this only once a week, usually on a Sunday evening just before bed to banish the side effects of the stresses of the week gone-by. My skin feels firmer and softer from using this mask.

Hydrating Eye Cream


As I mentioned above, the eyes are one of the problematic areas for me. If I am dehydrated or have had a distinct lack of sleep it shows up immediately in and around my eyes. This little pot of moisturiser promises to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin around the eyes. Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extract comfort, while Jojoba Seed, Avocado Oil, and Squalane condition the skin.

After using for a couple of weeks and ensuring I drank plenty of water (sometimes you can’t control how many hours sleep a night you will get!) I noticed a slight change to the delicate under-eye area. The skin appears ‘dewy’ and soft where before it looked tired and dried out! I’ll keep using this until I run out to see if perhaps this is an area that needs some real TLC…

I hope you guys found this product review post informative and useful? Have you ever used Bobbi Brown skincare or cosmetics yourself? Be sure to leave a comment and please follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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