Grasse is a town on the sunny French Riviera, in the hills north of Cannes, France. It’s known for its long-standing perfume industry – which has been going since the seventeenth century and has a reputation for growing some of the most exquisite flowers in the world. This rich history and quality of flowers is why many of the world’s luxury brands such as Dior and Roja Dove turn to this small sunny town to source their ingredients for their premium fragrances.

Parfums Dior has now been fostering exclusive partnerships with young fragrant flower producers in the Grasse region for 10 years. “Domaine du Manon” and “Clos de Callian” set aside their entire crop of May roses and jasmine for Dior fragrances exclusively!

With such want for their produce, Grasse is in high-demand and only the best of the best are able to use the ingredients in their products. To give you an idea, it can take around five million blossoms to produce a kilo of absolute. There are a hundreds of hours spent nurturing, picking by hand and harvesting the blooms used in these fragrances. 

If you’ve read some of my posts before, you’ll know how much I champion home scenting. I think it has the ability to transform a room and your mood in a matter of minutes. So, with the knowledge of the wonderful work coming out of Grasse and it being ‘Grasse season’ too, I have selected a few of my personal favourite fragrances below for use around the home.

Grasse fragrance flowers luxury candles Jo Malone The White Company Roja Dove Dior Ambre Nuit Blog Blogger lifestyle Boy in breton

Jo Malone ‘Mimosa and Cardamom’ | The White Company ‘Iris’ | Roja Dove ‘Jasmin De Grasse’ | Dior ‘Ambre Nuit’

What are your favourite floral scents? Have you tried any of the above? Be sure to leave me a comment and please follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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