Spring has sprung and Summer is finally here! In this post I welcome you into mine and Luke’s home as we prepare the place for the months ahead of Summer Entertaining. I’ve received quite a few messages on Instagram asking where particular items are from or how do we get the place looking so amazing… The White Company were kind enough to send me a lovely parcel or two to welcome us into the new apartment. So, I’ve put together a little video tour of the place and have included a handy ‘Shop The Look’ segment underneath each of the key steps to creating the look for yourself.

I really do hope you enjoy the video and find some inspiration for your home… 


We love to fill the home with flowers and greenery where possible. It adds a real element of beauty and a great way to bring the outdoors indoors! Over the years we’ve collected a plethora of vases, so we like to switch them up from time to time. Currently, I’m in love with the Emerson Vases from The White Company – the artisan bottle-neck is a great way to make a statement in the home. Using varying sizes also adds depth to a room. 

For a more rustic feel, we’ve used the large and bud bottle vases for visual impact. Each one is handmade, meaning no two are exactly the same which adds a touch of uniqueness.

We’re not a huge fan of ‘fussy’ perfectly positioned bouquets. Instead, we prefer wild greenery with a few select flowers. You can’t go wrong with Eucalyptus, Peonies and Hydrangeas for a simple yet beautiful impact. If you’re ever in Brighton, be sure to pay Anna in QUINCE a visit as she has some beautiful trinkets on offer and we always buy our flowers from her.

Succulents and ferns are another way to bring the great outdoors inside. They require minimal care and look fantastic. Hallways, bathrooms and kitchens are a great place to add a touch of greenery. Make sure to water every couple of days and keep near sunlight so that they can grow!

Displaying fruit on a serving platter is an extremely easy and cost effective way of showcasing your appreciation for nature’s gifts. Figs, pears and even artichokes look fabulous when placed on their own.



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Emerson Large Vase / Emerson Small Vase / Bottle Large Vase / Bottle Bud Vase

The White Company, My White Co, Planter, Succulents, Neptune, Vases, Vase, Glass, Large vase, Interior, Interiors, Interior Design, Interior blog, Home Inspo, Inspiration, Lifestyle, male, male blogger, male blog, mens blog, best blog, top blogs, boy in breton,

Earthenware Large Planter / Corinium Serving Platter


Invest in scatter cushions for your sofa, not only do they look great but they add an extra level of comfort too! Choose fabrics that vary in texture and reflect a calm and soothing colour palette. Linen, silk and brushed cotton and wool are all great choices. We’ve chosen to vary the shapes and sizes of our cushions to add depth to our sofa.

Throws are perfect for protecting light furniture and also come in handy when the temperature drops a little in the evening! Much like the cushions, choose complimentary shades and maybe even some pattern. We’ve added a couple to the arms of occasional chairs for comfort too.

Lighting is also hugely important to us in the evening when the sun begins to set. Overhead lighting can sometimes be too harsh and washes everything and everyone out! Instead, choose candles, table and floor lamps to dot around the place for illumination and setting the right atmosphere for the evening ahead.


The White Company, My White Co, Planter, Succulents, Neptune, Vases, Vase, Glass, Large vase, Interior, Interiors, Interior Design, Interior blog, Home Inspo, Inspiration, Lifestyle, male, male blogger, male blog, mens blog, best blog, top blogs, boy in breton,, Cushions, linen cushion, soho house, soho home

Brushed Cotton Scatter Cushion / Linen Scatter Cushion / Monroe Oblong Cushion


Wentworth Check Throw / Wentworth Throw


Cowley Table Lamp / Crystal Purse Chandelier / Crystal Decanter Bulb Lamp


If you’ve read my previous posts, it’ll come to no surprise to you how much I champion the art of home scenting. I believe it to be one of the easiest and effective ways to create an atmosphere in the home next to the correct lighting. For summer, choose light and refreshing scents. Currently, we have a few different scents on the go in different rooms of our apartment:

In the bathrooms we are huge fans of the SPA collection, designed to invigorate and awaken the senses. ‘Restore’ is a blend of geranium, neroli and eucalyptus, giving a fresh and crisp aroma. ‘White Geranium’ is a personal favourite of mine – I’d have it in every room if I could! The bright and cleansing scent combines notes of aromatic geranium, thyme and amber for a truly mesmerizing sensation!

The White Company Blanc Candle Candles Home Scent Scenting Lifestyle Blog blogger boyinbreton boy in breton kinfolk

Fabulously crisp and a spirited floral scent. ‘Blanc’ is a beautiful blend with notes of pure white geranium and bright juniper berry – wonderfully fresh, carefree and modern. We have this burning in the living room and bedroom nearly every day! 



White Geranium CandleWhite Geranium Candle / Blanc Candle / Spa Restore Candle 


I’m constantly updating my Spotify playlists to reflect the mood of the season. For summer, the vibe around the home should be carefree, uplifting and tropical inspired. Not sure where to begin? Not to worry, I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist that you can stream directly. Simply click the image below to open the link in Spotify!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset




Choosing the right pictures for your home is something that only you can decide. I would suggest choose artwork and prints that you truly love and not just because they might fit the theme of your room or will simply fill an empty space. The pictures should be a source of inspiration and a reminder of fond memories past.

Luke and I have chosen prints by Picasso and Matisse that we both are hugely fond of, as well as sourcing vintage postcards of places we have visited together over the years. Choose different size frames and stagger them across the wall for visual emphasis.



Wooden Photo Frames / Matisse Print / Desenio Light Print / Vintage Postcards /
Magnus Gjoen Artwork

I hope you enjoyed the video and have gained some inspiration for your home! I’m going to put together a before and after post of our home too at some point, to give you a better idea on just how much we transformed the place and also some handy packing and unpacking tips! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, or you can send me a tweet @boyinbreton x

  • Please note: This post is not paid for by The White Company – I am a huge fan of the brand and am honoured to have collaborated on several posts with them. The products featured in this post are a mixture of items I have purchased or been gifted. Items in this post gifted were: The white wooden photo frames, x2 candles, Large bottle vase and bud vase.


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