You know, there’s a common misconception that us bloggers are constantly sat in front of our laptops whilst sipping on a flat white whilst in a coffee shop. Well, it’s part true. The reality is 90% of the work is done from home. When I first got started I’d sit in my room, laptop firmly in place on my lap, at the end of my bed before graduating to the table as the amount of work I was spending in front of the Macbook increased.

Today, I have the luxury of being able to sit at a desk at home if required. It should be a place that inspires you to do whatever it is you enjoy; blogging, writing, reading or drawing. The space I work from is actually a corner of our dining table (which only really gets used to its full extent when friends or family come over, if I’m being truthful!) I’d love to be able to have a pinboard to attach notes, photographs etc to but I haven’t got round to creating that corner yet at home – but is being considered.

Below is a shot of my deskspace and 3 things I think every desk/home office should include.



Lighting is so important, not only to be able to see when you’re up late at night making those last minute changes to your blog post or frantically bidding on a Saint Laurent jacket – it helps to create an ambience. Harsh overhead lighting can feel like a cold, soul-less office environment. Use a table lamp and candle light to aide sight and

Flowers don’t have to be big in-your-face affairs. A few sprigs of something lovely help to green up the place and bring a bit of life to what is essentially a tech dominated corner. Eucalyptus and Hydrangeas are a brilliant and cost effective way of achieving this as they dry out beautifully and look just as good.

Lee Broom Decanter Light Lighting bulb interior interiors desk blog blogger lifestyle boy in breton eucalyptus


Are you ‘Generation Instagram’ if you don’t own a few coffee table books and lifestyle magazines? I live for coffee table books – they are a huge source of inspiration for blog posts and also just lovely to look at. They also come in handy when shelving is an issue. Stack ’em high and pop everything from lamps to vases on top for a nonchalant feel.

These Islands CEREAL Magazine Coffee table book best instagram lifestyle blog blogger boy in breton Henri Matisse Cut outs book coffee table lifestyle blog blogger office desk boy in breton


Yes, I’m going to preach about the importance of candles again. I somehow manage to sneak candles into pretty much every other blog post I write but, I genuinely think candles are one of the simplest ways to add ambience to any room. Choose a scent that reflects the season and space that you are in. I find woody, warm fragrances are best for the colder months whilst Ozonic scents are uplifting and refreshing.

The White Company Sandalwood Candle Signature Interior Interiors Blog blogger boy in breton Roja Dove Parfums Candle Baise Baies Lifestyle Blog blogger boy in breton 

What do you have on your desk space? Anything unusual or special? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know and please follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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