Spending a little bit of ‘me time’ every now and then is a great thing. We work hard and are required to be constantly switched on. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel a little bit selfish for wanting to spend some time on my own to do what I want to do. Whether that’s have a long lie-in in the morning or spend an evening taking a long bath with a G&T whilst listening to Olafur Arnalds… it’s great to pamper yourself every so often to refresh and revive. As winter draws ever closer, pampering season really begins. I suppose this is quite a self indulgent post but I wanted to share with you guys how I unwind on my days off… sharing is caring after all!



The ultimate symbol of relaxation and peace, candles are the perfect way to create a calming and comfort ambience at home. I love lighting a few pillar candles and to layer candle fragrances in different rooms to create a unique aroma. You don’t have to spend a fortune on scented candles, but treat yourself to a special one occasionally to help ease yourself into a place of tranquility. 



“You can’t beat a good cuppa tea” is something we’ve all heard our parents or grandparents say at some point, probably not too long ago (If you live in the United Kingdom, that is!) but I’m going to be quite controversial here: I’ve never really liked English breakfast tea. I’ve always thought it left a iron, tinny taste in my mouth. Sure, I’ve tried different brands and flavours but they always tasted quite synthetic to me. Then the lovely Sally at JING introduced me to the world of loose leaf tea and the benefits it provides. I love learning about the history behind traditions and the world of tea is rich in history and intrigue. Trust me on this, ditch the teabags and invest in some proper loose leaf tea! You’ll really notice the difference with it and is a real treat.  To tempt you even more, the kind folks at JING have created a special discount code for you to use (as many times as you like!) when making a purchase. Just enter BOYINBRETON15 to receive 15% off ofyour order!



There’s something enchanting about getting lost in a good book. I admit, I find it hard to disconnect from the world and get fully engrossed into a book – but, when I do find a great one there is no better feeling than that eagerness to switch off and delve into the book. Coffee table books are my biggest purchase – they’re such a wonderful source of inspiration to me. Flicking through pages of works by the great masters, the sharp tailoring from Tom Ford or the grand gardens of Dior’s home. It’s good for the mind and soul to switch off from the digital word and connect to an old, comforting tradition.

What do you guys do to unwind on your days off? Anyone else find it hard to ‘switch off’ from schedules and technology to take a little bit of you time? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post!



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