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Britain once had one of the most powerful textile industries in the world. Then, over time, companies began to expand rapidly and needed to keep costs down, profits high and meet high demand from its customers. This meant outsourcing the work overseas where wages, rents and fabrics came at a much lower cost. Communities were destroyed by large-scale unemployment as men and women were put out of work as British factories sadly closed their doors. Whilst we are all aware of some of the horrific working conditions that take place in factories overseas, a lot of brands are working closely together to ensure that employees are receiving a fair wage, work under safe and practical working conditions and are treated well. 

Some of the older English brands have managed to fight the tide and stand strong in the face of disposable, throw-on fashion. Why? They manufacture products that are iconic and stand the test of time. They are famed for their design, quality and durability and people put a lot of trust in brands that have stood the test of time.

We should celebrate the rich history of ‘Made In England’ and support those brands who have worked hard to ensure the textile legacy left by their ancestors lives on through them. So, next time you see a little ‘Made in England’ label you can be sure you’re helping to keep a long tradition alive.


Famed for its iconic Duffle Coats, Gloverall have been producing some of the finest outerwear for over 60 years. It balances functionality with elegant design, ensuring every single coat is finished to absolute perfection. I have a true hardworking wardrobe classic: the Chesterfield Coat, which is both functional and stylish for those colder months. Crafted from a blend of cashmere and wool it feels incredibly luxurious and lends itself to pretty much all of my wardrobe options. You really can feel the difference in a coat made from the best materials, by someone who has the time to handcraft each one rather than churn out hundreds in a day to hit targets to fill large retailers. This is a really special investment piece that will last me for years to come.

Gloverall Overcoat Duffle Coat Outerwear Made in England Menswear fashion style blog blogger boy in breton


With nearly 190 years experience, Tricker’s know how to make stylish, practical footwear that lasts. Based in Northamptonshire, they still use the same factory that opened its doors in 1904! Today Tricker’s boots and shoes are known for their exacting quality, incomparable comfort, individuality and irreproachable character. A pair of Tricker’s is a real savvy investment – sure the price may be a little steep at first glance but they will last you for years and years if you take proper care of them!

Tricker's Shoes Boots Made in England Menswear fashion style blog blogger boy in breton


Edward Tautz founded E. Tautz in 1867 in London’s West End. Specialising designing clothes for those in the hunting field and for military men, the brand has evolved with the ages, most recently transforming itself into a desirable ‘must-have’ brand for those who appreciate sharp tailoring and traditional skills. Patrick Grants heads up the company, focusing on producing clothes that mixes Savile Row tailoring with the sporting and military traditions of the past. I love the heritage-rich history of the E. Tautz brand and how it has developed into instantly recognisable brand with its signature pleated wide-leg trousers and time honoured fabrications.

E. Tautz tailoring jacket blazer Patrick Grant Made in England Menswear fashion style blog blogger boy in breton


Sunspel Made in England Menswear fashion style blog blogger boy in breton

Founded in 1860, Thomas A Hill had a revolutionary idea to make modern, everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics established Sunspel as a pioneer in British craftsmanship. Today, this tradition continues with its fabrics sourced and garments mainly made in Great Britain. I have always loved Sunspel for their luxurious wardrobe essentials, think of your basic pieces elevated that little bit extra. This lambswool crew neck jumper is a perfect example of their beautifully subtle work. 

Does price take priority over heritage and craftsmanship for you? What are your favourite brands that still make in England? Leave a comment on this post and let me know!


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