SURF HAIR TUTORIAL with Bumble and bumble.

I have really thick, poker straight hair which can be a real pain to style sometimes as it likes to fall flat on my face due to the weight and nature of my hair. It takes a bit of work and a few products to create the mighty everyday quiff.

Now and again I like to shake it up a little and create a relaxed, casual look along the lines of gritty, beach hair. For years I used Bumble and bumble’s ‘Surf Spray’ which was a god send for creating texture that my hair actually held! However, I found when combining it with wax and hairspray the product’s main USP became a little lost and redundant. My hair was left feeling like sticky sand. However, Bumble and bumble recently launched their ‘Surf Spray Infusion’ which is a little less salty feeling and gives a gentle sheen to the hair at the same time as creating texture. I am still able to achieve the same results, if not better, whilst maintaining a natural look. In the video below I’ll show you how to easily create a textured, beach hair-inspired look for yourself:

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair (still needs to be fairly damp!)
  2. Spritz Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion spray throughout the hair targeting roots
  3. Using your fingers mess up your hair ensuring the spray covers all of your head
  4. Spray more if you feel you need it!
  5. Roughly blow dry your hair, scrunching it as you go along – no need to be precious and don’t completely dry the hair!
  6. Take small sections of your hair and twirl around your finger until a tight twist forms, do this all over your hair making sure to twirl in different directions. Feel free to add a bit of hairspray to hold if you wish
  7. Time to blowdry the hair again – use a medium heat and scrunch up the hair, twisting the hair in small and large chunks
  8. Try to gently coax the hair into a general direction so that you don’t end up with a giant wavy mass on your hair
  9. Spray some hairspray onto your hands and run through the hair, focussing on small twists in the hair and add finishing touches
  10. Admire your beachy, surfer-vibe hair that has a lot of texture!


It’s really easy to do and of course, we will all have varying results (damn you guys with a natural wave in your hair) but for those of you who have straight, heavy hair like mine – you’ll find this tutorial useful!

Thank you to the Bumble and bumble team for sending me the Surf Infusion spray to try out!

Have you used any Bumble and bumble products before? What different salt sprays have you tried? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know and please follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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