For me, dressing ‘artistically’ means a sense of freedom and fun. I have selected a few of my favourite pieces that have character and an arty air to them. I know, I know – I am an advocate of easy, simple dressing but these pieces are just too great not to treat yourself to if you are a creative spirit! Now, if only I had a Picasso or Matisse to sell to afford everything that I want…


ZARA Embroidered Faces Sweater | The face illustration on this has a touch of Matisse about it making it the perfect addition to your arsenal of sweatshirts. Wear with a striped shirt, collar popped and oversized chino’s for a considered yet relaxed look.

Miller Harris Perfume Pardum Tender

Miller Harris Tender Parfum | I have worn Miller Harris’ beautiful fragrances for years and am always delighted when a new scent is added to their library. Tender is contemplative and delicate. Unexpected freshness from sparkling pink pepper and green hyacinth, combines with an accord of ink and floralcy to inspire a reverie of black tulips. Fluffy pink clouds of peonies, luxuriant saffron, and the intensity of mauve stemmed roses. The lingering warmth of dusky storax and frankincense resins fuse with woods, musk and soft leather, creating a yearning and seductive trail. Not only is this scent wonderfully inspired by ‘Tender is the night’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the packaging is the most eye-catching out of all of Miller Harris’ repertoire too…


Sandro Star Embroidered Denim Jacket | The star embroidery on the cuffs and chest plackets add a playful and creative touch to a wardrobe staple. Add more patches over time for a truly personal and unique jacket. The great thing about a denim jacket? It goes with pretty much anything in your wardrobe!


Neighborhood Bandana | No artists wardrobe is complete without a bandana. Wear over a grey sweatshirt and well-worn denim for a really simple but striking outfit. Some might view bandana’s a little cowboy-esque, just avoid wearing with bootcut jeans and cowboy boots.


COS Patch Pocket Blazer | A relaxed blazer makes the perfect addition to your downtime attire. The patch pockets add a casual feel to a tailored garment. Wear with a classic Breton stripe t-shirt, bandana around your neck, selvedge jeans and classic Converse for an instant artist-inspired look.


Topman Black Dungarees | Okay, so dungarees are probably quite “workwear” inspired, but they are synonymous with painting and decorating making them the perfect addition to this artists inspired wardrobe. Dress them up by layering over a white shirt and teaming with brogues for twist, or wear them with a long sleeved t-shirt, denim jacket and sneakers for a way to introduce them casually into your everyday wardrobe.

Byredo Baudelaire Eau de Parfum

BYREDO Baudelaire Parfum | One of my most recent additions to my growing wardrobe of scents, Baudelaire is a leathery and compelling scent. Fragrance is just as important to clothes and accessories to me when getting dressed. Artists are known for their complex and mysterious ways of thinking and methods and Baudelaire embodies this in every sense of the word; unveiling itself as time goes on, becoming soft and ethereal.


H&M Splattered Jeans | Probably the most obvious choice, paint-splattered jeans give the impression of a wild and kinetic artist hard at work. Team the jeans with an oversized knit, leather jacket and your favourite sneakers.


COS Relaxed wide leg trousers | There’s a certain something I love about wide leg trousers. There’s a bohemian air about them and this pair from COS will fit comfortably into your existing arsenal of trousers. Wear with a relaxed blazer, crisp white t-shirt, beanie hat and low-tops for a super stylish look that doesn’t look too try hard but will be turning heads for all the right reasons.


Converse 1970’s Chuck Taylors | An icon in every sense of the word, these bold red edition Chuck Taylor’s are the perfect way to inject a pop of colour to your outfit. Wear with – well, anything you want really! Bam!


ZARA Watercolour shirt | ZARA as we all know are king when it comes to taking inspiration from major fashion houses and this shirt is heavily inspired by a PRADA sweatshirt. The watercolour still life print adds instant interest to any outfit – wear over a white t-shirt, with wide leg chinos and simple sneakers for the perfect spring outfit.

What do you think of this style inspired by the creative and arty lifestyle? Any styles take your fancy? Let me know by leaving a comment!



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