Did you know a staggering 25% of Brits (that’s 16 million) don’t feel confident when it comes to expressing themselves in their own homes. That’s crazy! Our homes, much like our clothing should be a reflection of ourselves – figuring out how to translate that into furnishings and textiles can be quite tricky if your strengths don’t lie in interior design – but worry ye not!
IKEA have created a quick and easy personality test (no, not like those ‘Which Disney Princess are you?’ tests floating around on social media) that pings some suggestions into textiles and products that would help you get started into injecting pattern and colour into your home.
When IKEA approached me to take the personality test I was pleasantly surprised with just how accurate the results were without giving anything away about my interior choices at all. How did they do that? There must be something in those meatballs that give them mind reading abilities because it was so spot on!
When it comes to being a maverick, you take a more traditional approach. You like your rooms to look clean and organised rather than over-crowded. To create your ideal functional space try mixing natural woods and monochrome with hints of block colour and geometric patterns for a perfectly balanced style.
Now, if you follow me on Instagram or have read any of my interiors posts you’ll have seen I’m drawn to a muted colour palette and antiques mostly – but I do have a penchant for a complimentary pop of colour or a bold pattern here and there.
The maverick test chose a selection of products and textiles that based on my results should sit comfortably in my home and help me to express myself.
IKEA Home homewares textiles fabric cushions curtains throw blog blogger lifestyle male mens interiors boyinbreton boy in breton
Being the creative that I am, IKEA asked if I could put my skills to the test and make something from the fabrics I matched with – now, I studied fashion design but I was never an expert at the sewing machine, so I’ve had to think outside of the box a little bit with this one but I am over the moon with the results! 💪✂️
Below are a few ideas of how to incorporate these gorgeous textiles around the home with direct links for you to purchase if you fancy getting creative too!
F R A M E D  P R I N T S
IKEA Home homewares textiles fabric cushions curtains throw blog blogger lifestyle male mens interiors boyinbreton boy in breton frames art stripes breton interiors design styling ideas tips

Flip the idea of artwork on its head and use fabric to create interesting and unique framed artworks around the home. It’s incredibly easy to do and looks fantastic too! Remove the back panel of the frame to use as your template and cut the fabric to size, allowing an additional inch all around to fold and stick down into place. Place it print side up and voila! A unique piece of art that instantly adds a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic room.


Stripes enliven pretty much anything and everything, adding a stylish and contemporary touch. I chose to reupholster a large antique footstool that we have been using at home to display some of our favourite books. Whilst beautiful in its own right, I always felt it blended into the walls and surrounding furniture and this was an area that needed to command attention. I think you’ll agree… it certainly does now in it’s bold stripe makeover. There are plenty of informative reupholstery videos on Youtube I recommend you check out if you’re thinking of attempting this sort of project yourself.
Fabric used: SOFIA Broad Stripe
O F F  T H E  S H E L F
If you’re unsure of your skills with the scissors, needle and thread or are short on time then a great place to start would be by visiting an IKEA store or online for inspiration and buy products you are drawn to immediately. Keep a scrapbook or Pinterest board for reference and inspiration and add something new and exciting every month that excites and expresses you in every way possible.
What are you waiting for? Find out what kind of Fabric Maverick you are by taking the quiz HERE

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with IKEA. As always, I want to be transparent with you about sponsored content. I only ever collaborate with brands that I truly love and am an existing customer with (or would be).


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