Well hello there stranger, long time no see!

For those of you who have been a reader of my blog for some time, you will know that I decided to put the blog on hiatus for a couple of months? There are a couple of different reasons why I decided to do this:

Firstly, I began to resent the blogging world and community in all honesty. The constant perceived competition between each other with who can get the best freebies, trips and most of all, the cringe-worthy sponsored posts. It felt like everyone and their great Aunt was becoming a blogger and I wasn’t sure I wanted to compete in that race. I have a relatively small four thousand followers on Instagram (which I am incredibly happy with) but the “opportunities” were being offered to those with over ten thousand followers, and as it is becoming ever more obvious with those who buy their likes and following – I became increasingly frustrated.

So I stepped away from it. I initially put a lot of stress on myself to produce several blog posts per week, in-between working a full time job and trying to hold down a social life too and when I looked at the ‘bigger picture’ did I want to become a full-time blogger or Instagram ‘famous’? The answer to both – is no.

I’m going to go back posting when I feel like I have something worth sharing, whether that’s a review of a fragrance that I genuinely love and recommend or resurrecting the ‘4 Item Series’ – I needed some time out to find inspiration, escape the blogger rat race and learn that really with my blog and what I am stand for is about quality and not quantity.

There’s a couple of post ideas bubbling away, which I hope you will check out when they go live. Thank you for your patience with me!

Michael X

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